While many companies focus on
tools to create a successful work environment, our team facilitates complete transformation by inspiring behavioral change. 

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Agile Workshop

12 preferred, maximum of 15

  • Problem Solving 
  • Design Thinking
  • Agile in Non-IT Environment
  • Scrum Team
  • Kanban
  • Key Performance Indicators
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Introduction to Agile Workshop

The Introduction to Agile training is a one-day kick-starter to help people begin or re-establish an agile approach to getting things done. It covers the intention behind agile ways of working and the most common techniques that people are likely to encounter when working in or alongside agile teams.

Strategic Planning Events 

We will guide your team on a journey of exploration, discussion, debate, prioritization, and action planning. We facilitate you and your team answering the questions necessary to create focus and alignment. And we ensure that participants create a consensus action plan — who must do what by when — so that everyone is committed to executing your new plan.

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Structured Problem Solving

12 Preferred, Maximum of 15

  • The Lean philosophy of problem-solving and continuous improvement.

  • Simple situation analysis.

  • Root cause analysis - the "five why's?"

  • The PDCA problem solving model.

  • Action-Planning and follow-up.

  • Signed Certification Certificate mailed to you!

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Structured Problem Solving

The Core Activity of Continuous Improvement Every Team Member Should Know.

Your personal success depends on your ability to lead teams! Leading teams is the critical competence for leaders at all levels today. And, problem-solving is the basic methodology that drives improvement by teams and lean organizations. This self-paced online course provides the basic skills and philosophy of effective problem solving. It is based on 20 years of experience developing teams and implementing lean management. 

Kaizen Event Facilitator Course 

Kaizen events are the vehicle to implementing lean tools and concepts. Kaizen events are well-scoped, focused improvement efforts that utilize a team-based approach to eliminating wastes. The Kaizen Facilitator Training course is designed to teach a standard kaizen process that can be used for implementing lean tools, such as quick changeover, 5 S, cellular/layout and TPM.

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Toyota Kata Workshop

12 preferred, maximum of 24

  • The KATA Coaching Dojo
  • KATA in the Classroom
  • Creating a KATA Culture
  • The Improvement KATA and the Coaching KATA driven by
  • The 5-Question Coaching Dialogue and Rapid PDCA cycles.
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Toyota Kata Workshop

Toyota KATA is one of the most powerful and exciting concepts of this decade.  Its power gives every company the ability to put to work the “unseen Managerial Routines and Thinking that lie behind Toyota’s success with Continuous Improvement and Adaptation.”

Lean Boot Camp Training 

In the Lean Boot Camp course, you will discover how lean techniques impact profit, lead time, inventory, quality, and customer service. This is an interactive, hands-on experience in a team environment, blending lecture, discussion and simulations. You'll learn about the most common lean tools and techniques, such as Value Stream Mapping, 5S, set-up reduction, and visual management, as well as the principles behind the tools.

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Conflict Resolution Workshop

12 Preferred, Maximum of 15

  • How to identify conflicts at work
  • How to listen to others’ points of view 
  • How to express needs and problems openly and honestly without blame
  • A proven eight-step method for resolving conflicts 
  • How to mediate disputes between team members
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Conflict Resolution Workshop

This interactive training teaches you how to achieve intentional dialogue at all levels in your organization; you’ll begin to surface the best ideas, make the highest-quality decisions, and then act on your decisions with unity and commitment. This training experience introduces a set of tools that builds alignment, agreement, and interpersonal communication.

Lean Product Development  

Learn essential strategies and key tools that will decrease time-to-market, reduce waste, enhance product quality, and fully integrate new product designs into a Lean production environment. Leave prepared to bring your best ideas to market as effectively and quickly as possible.

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Value Stream Mapping Workshop

12 Preferred, Maximum of 15

  • Value-stream improvement vs. process improvement
  • Exercise: Drawing a current-state map
  • What is a lean flow?
  • Continuous flow processing
  • 8 Future State Criteria
  • Exercise: Drawing a future-state map
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Value Stream Mapping Workshop

This workshop will sharpen your "eyes for waste" and "eyes for flow." Using a manufacturing case study you'll learn how to identify a product family, how to see the entire value stream for a particular product family, how to map the value stream to identify and eliminate waste, what makes a value stream lean, and how to develop a plan to achieve results.

Lean Solutions Community

is a community dedicated to forward-thinking people and businesses with a desire to grow and improve through application and exploration of continuous improvement practices. Our members enjoy a series of exclusive benefits, carefully tailored to help lean professionals further their network, knowledge, and expertise while providing an access to the growing network of lean practitioners, experts, and organizations which believe in the power of knowledge exchange and continuous improvement.

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