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OCT. 2-4, 2023

West Michigan Lakeshore

The Lean solutions 2023 GLOBAL summit

The Lean Solutions Summit 2023 is a 3-day leadership focused conference designed to bring  organizational leaders  together to discuss current trends, strategic insights and best practices in an ever-evolving business environment.

This conference caters to continuous improvement practitioners of every level — from beginners to experts — in every role from the C-suite to the frontlines, from manufacturing, government, healthcare and higher education.


See Where Industry is Going—and How You'll Succeed

Learn best practices from industry leaders to truly understand how you will secure your place in the evolving companies of tomorrow.

Redefine Resiliency

Explore how industry veterans are reimagining Lean and just-in-time principles in their business models to respond to today’s talent, supply chain, and competitive pressures allowing you to stay a few steps ahead of the competition.

Implement Customer-Centric Design

Learn how to challenge your assumptions and improve your value by getting closer to your customers to better understand—and deliver on—their unique needs.

Who Should Attend

All levels of management, from company owner, president and/or vice-president, to supervisor, change agents, professional staff, and hourly associates from organizations at any stage of a lean journey.


Now is the time for every organization to invest in the benefits of Lean transformation.  The Lean Solutions Global Summit 2023 will bring together thought leaders and experienced Lean practitioners to give you and your team the knowledge and inspiration to accelerate your ROI on all of your continuous improvement efforts.

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Today, LEAN is used in many Industries. Not only are we going to cover Lean as a whole, but also dive deep into your specific career track, giving you principles and tools so you can repeat and apply in your environment.


Learn tools and techniques to help your health system lower costs, improve process efficiencies, and develop opportunities for better patient outcomes.

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Learn and discuss opportunities to reduce process complexity, rework systems to increase speed and accuracy and reduce waste.

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Higher Ed. / Non-Profit

Learn how some higher educational institutions are using continuous improvement principles to transform their organizations through application of the tools and techniques.

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Learn value-add content that can be applied right away after returning home from the summit. The business track includes industries such as manufacturing, landscape, construction, and many more!

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  • Nurturing our associates to push traditional boundaries
  • Best practices and lessons learned from industry leaders
  • Develop your organization’s next-generation lean leaders


  • Key techniques and tool kits for integrating Lean into any process
  • Highlighting proven techniques that drive efficient productivity
  • Exploring how innovative organizations are already getting ahead
  • Reducing the cost of doing business
  • Demonstrate how Lean operating systems improves business results
  • Transitioning away from legacy systems and cumbersome processes
  • Utilizing proven techniques to move from innovation to execution
problem solving


  • Planning and developing turnaround strategies that enable efficiencies
  • Developing a flexible and adaptable lean system
  • Shifting the mindset of teams to be more agile and change-minded
  • How to incorporate new methods into current operations
  • Build the lean thinking and practice capabilities of everyone in your organization

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