Leader Standard Work


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As an Authority
in Your Organization,

You know many people struggle with non-value busyness and distractions. This course will help you develop a framework of actions to create a culture of continuous improvement.

Are You Feeling Like There Is…


No Process


Poor Time Management


Busyness That Leads No Where


Working on the Wrong Activity


Lack of Predictability


Processes That Don't Work

Defining Leader Standard Work

It would be impossible to create Leader Standard Work without understanding what Leader Standard Work is, and more importantly, what it is not. Leader standard work is a set of actions, tools, and behaviors, that are incorporated into the daily activities of leaders at all levels. These actions need to be repeated to become a habit and a benefit.

Leader Standard Work is not meant to keep a critical eye on our leaders. It is meant to add stability to their work day. Leaders need stability in their day if they are going to improve the people they lead. Leader Standard Work gives us the tool to do just that.