IntroDuction To Lean


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As a Knowledgeable Professional,

You know how some organizations struggle just getting their improvements started. This Intro to Lean course starts you on the path to creating an engaging people-focused culture that is dedicated to aligning every activity within the organization toward providing value to the customer.

Are You Feeling Like There Is…


Low Engagement


Short-Lived Improvements


Customer Dissatisfaction


Low Morale


High Defect Rates


Disorganized Improvement Efforts



Lean is a popular Business Improvement method adopted by many organizations around the world. Individuals with Lean awareness are often invaluable employees, contributing towards a positive and productive workplace environment.

This introduction to Lean will prepare delegates with a strong Lean awareness. On course completion, you will have a true appreciation of the difference between value-added and non-value-added tasks, and be familiar with concepts such as standardization and problem-solving using PDCA.