Voice of the Customer


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As an Authority in
Your Organization,

You know that many organizations struggle with aligning their processes with what is arguably the most important requirement – what the customer wants.  This Voice of the Customer course will help you identify and segment the customers and translate their sometimes vague requirements into measurable metrics.

Are You Feeling Like There Is…


Low Customer Satisfaction


Missed Targets


Infrequent Repeat Orders


High Customer Complaints


Poor Understanding of Customer Needs


Misunderstanding of Internal Customers


Voice of the Customer

Voice of the Customer training is essential to help you understand how to define success within your organization. This course provides huge benefits to the companies that implement it by giving them a starting point to improve and illustrate what their customers value. It also explores the importance of customer segmentation, and how certain key segments could provide the most value to your business, despite being the smallest.

The five-hour interactive online course also reminds learners that it is not just those who use our products and services that are our customers; we must also recognize the customers inside our organizations and regulators.