Lean Solutions Academy

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Leader Standard Work

Leader Standard Work (1hr):

This course will teach you the importance of utilizing Leader Standard Work is to ensure the most important activities related to a role are completed every day. Leader Standard Work provides structure and predictability for the leader and members.

visual management

Visual Management (1 hr):

Explore workplace visualization: a critical aspect of lean management. Learn how to bring the concept of visuality to the workplace.

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Gemba Walks

Gemba Walks (1 hr):

Leaders who provide targeted, ongoing coaching to their employees can strengthen their team and add value to their organization.

lean basics

Lean Basics (2 hr):

Lean concepts have been successfully applied to every aspect of doing business. In this course, learn the principles of lean and how they are used in processes, production, and services.

Problem Solving

Problem Solving (4 hrs):

This course will present you with an experiential introduction to a selected set of key Lean problem solving tools.

Change Management

Change Management (1 hr):

Enabling new ways of working or doing is one of the most vital steps in a successful business transformation.

Waste and Waste Walks

Waste & Waste Walks (1 hr):

Any work or activity can be classified into one of three categories: value-added work, non-value-added work, and waste. Learn what causes each type of waste and what it can cost your organization.

Problem Solving

5S (1 hr):

5S is far more than a housekeeping initiative. 5S is a method of creating a clean and orderly workplace that exposes waste and makes abnormalities immediately visible.

Standard Work

Standard Work (1 hr):

This course explores the three steps of the standardization cycle, the benefits of standardization, and the four types of standard work that apply to any type of work or industry.

Quick Changeover

Quick Changeover (1 Hr):

This course will explain a proven systematic approach to reducing machine set-up and change over times

tier meetings

Tier Meetings (1 hr):

Learn about this series of fast-paced, stand-up team meetings that aim to bring all teams in alignment with organizational goals.