Avoid the Continuous Appearance Trap – Bulk


Seeking the best way to understand your company’s operations and leadership, hoping to finally see what’s truly underneath your culture? Take a trip with business performance coach Patrick Adams inside two different cultures — one you’d like to avoid and one you’d like to emulate — and then ask yourself the right questions. The answers may lead you — and your organization’s various stakeholders — somewhere extraordinary.

A Fantastic Account of Two Companies with Very Different Cultures
Avoiding the Continuous Appearance Trap: 12 Questions to Understand What’s Truly Underneath Your Culture is a transformational book that weaves together the stories of two companies that, on the surface, appear to be quite similar. Underneath, however, they couldn’t be more different. There is a devastating distinction between being a company dedicated to continuous improvement and being one that’s about “continuous appearance” instead. The 12 questions that Patrick Adams outlines in his debut book for business leaders give readers the ability to assess their operations. At last, a practical guide to better understanding your company’s leadership and culture.

Step inside “Company Continuous Improvement” and its counterpart, “Company Continuous Appearance.”