Quick Change Over


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You know how painful it can be when equipment aren’t running.  The Quick Changeover course teaches the tools necessary to ensure that downtime is minimized and value-added operations are maximized, allowing organizations to be flexible in the face of changing customer demand.

Are You Feeling Like There Is…


Large Amounts of WIP (Work in Process)


Slow Changeover Time


Large Batch Sizes


Slow Response to Changes in Customer Demand


High Scrap Rate During Changeover


High Downtime


Quick Changeover

Quick Changeovers or SMED (Single Minute Exchange of Die) is a lean technique used to improve changeover time between product or services. This lean method helps companies meet customer demand by reducing inventory, saving time, and eliminating waste.

In this course, participants will learn how and when to apply Quick Changeover or SMED methodologies and techniques to streamline workflows and improve processes.