West MICHIGAN Lakeshore

September 24-26, 2024

Today, Lean is used in many industries.

Not only are we going to cover Lean as a whole, but also dive deep into your specific career track, giving you principles and tools so you can repeat and apply in your environment.

4 Industry tracks

Healthcare Government Business Higher Ed

4 Industry tracks


Learn tools and techniques to help your health system lower costs, improve process efficiencies, and develop opportunities for better patient outcomes.


Learn and discuss opportunities to reduce process complexity, rework systems to increase speed and accuracy and reduce waste.

Higher Ed. / Non-Profit

Learn how some higher educational institutions are using continuous improvement principles to transform their organizations through application of the tools and techniques.


Learn value-add content that can be applied right away after returning home from the summit. The business track includes industries such as manufacturing, landscape, construction, and many more!

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